A bag (also known regionally as a sack) is a common tool in the form of a non-rigid container. The use of bags predates recorded history, with the earliest bags being no more than lengths of animal skin, cotton, or woven plant fibers, folded up at the edges and secured in that shape with strings of the same material.

(source: Wikipedia)

Bags made from kangaroo skin are available in hunter and tan colours only.

Please contact us and we will make it for you if it is currently unavailable.


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  • Handmade leather messenger satchel bag "Hector"
    MSRP: $470.00

    Hector is a messenger bag designed for the organised professional with many pockets in and out and t…

  • Handmade leather briefcase "James II"
    MSRP: $699.00

    Be organised and confident at work. This bag is handmade from Australian leather. It has a shou…

  • Handmade leather shopper tote bag "Jassi"
    MSRP: $399.00

    Lovely handmade bag from genuine Aussie leather featuring four metallic feet...

  • Handmade Leather Backpack Bag "Keerthi"
    MSRP: $529.00

    Keerthi is a medium extendable backpack hand crafted in Australia from the finest leather. 1 zipp…

  • Handmade leather backpack bag "Kelvin"
    MSRP: $699.00

    Ladies backpack designed for style with a little quick access pocket on the outside. Handmade f…

  • Handmade leather briefcase "Lane"
    MSRP: $475.00

    Enjoy great Australian quality handmade from top leather. Lane is a funky briefcase. It will hold al…

  • Handmade leather briefcase "Larry"
    MSRP: $575.00

    Great briefcase made from genuine Australian leather in Australia and perfect not only for the...

  • Handmade leather backpack bag "Mohra"
    MSRP: $649.00

    Lovely handmade backpack with metallic feet. Bespoke     Black &nbs…

  • Handmade leather shoulder bag "Nandu"
    MSRP: $315.00

    Look smart, relaxed and organised with Nandu cross body / shoulder bag handmade from genuine&nb…

  • Handmade leather backpack bag "Neal"
    MSRP: $649.00

    Inspired by a Japanese design. It’s hip, functional, comfortable and spacious. Perfect for uni…

  • Handmade leather backpack bag "Nicola"
    MSRP: $639.00

    Nicola is a well designed backpack. It's not a large backpack but it has lots of space and all the r…

  • Handmade leather backpack bag "Oslo"
    MSRP: $429.00

    Well designed backpack with pockets for quick access. Bespoke     Bl…

36 of 61 Items